Ok, then what kind of historical evidence is there for miracles?

Now we're sort of going into another topic that is outside the scope of this question. So I think I need to refer you elsewhere.

But let me just say: if you're going to be looking into the historical evidence for a miracle, it makes sense that we investigate a very significant miracle (or at least the claim of a miracle), like the resurrection of Jesus. Because who cares if we become convinced that a supernatural event happened that didn't affect anyone, that no one really cares about?

But, if the resurrection of Jesus really happened, that would be a pretty big deal.. And if it did not happen, then that would also be a big deal, because that would mean that all the Christians were wrong to believe it.

I encourage you to look into it. I can tell you that there might be surprisingly legitimate evidence, strong enough so that many critics and historians who looked into it did get convinced by it. If you're interested in finding out more about someone who searched into the evidence and got convinced - let me do a little plug here for a movie from 2017 called The Case for Christ. Might be worth watching.

Anyway, that's outside of this question, so you should check out How can you believe that Jesus actually rose from the dead?.