Is there any evidence for God?

The short answer is: Yes

Let me introduce you to some of the most well-known arguments for God's existence. Here's a summary of each one.

First is the cosmological argument. "The cosmological argument contends that the sheer existence of our universe, or of any universe at all composed of objects that could have failed to come into being, requires an explanation and that the only fully satisfactory explanation would have to postulate the existence of a God who himself necessarily exists" (Thomas Morris, Making Sense of It All). In other words, the very fact that the universe exists, and began to exist, infers a cause outside the universe, which we might call God.

Second is the teleological argument. “Sometimes known as the ‘argument from design’, it maintains that the nature and degree of order to be found in the universe cannot be explained fully unless we conclude that it is the product of an intelligent, powerful designer.” (Morris)

The third is the moral argument, which “suggests that we cannot account for the objectivity of moral obligation and value without acknowledging the existence of an ultimate personal reality on which all else depends, a moral lawgiver or absolute source of moral valuation" (Morris). That is, the fact we perceive morals to be not just preferences, but an objective law, points us to a moral lawgiver that would make it so.

The fourth one is different, in that it's not an argument per se, but it focuses on the historical figure of Jesus. The contention is that if it can be shown that Jesus is a historical figure that said what he said and did what he did, then that would be a strong evidence for the existence of God.

And these are just some of the more well-known cases for God’s existence.