But still, isn't it at least narrow-minded to say that Christianity is the only way?

Well the thing is, and this is important, that truth is always narrow.

I know that there are people, including Christians, who will stick to their guns and not be open-minded, but believing something to be true doesn't make you narrow-minded. Like the video showed, to the equation 2 + 2, there exists only one answer. Believing and claiming that the answer is 4 doesn't make you narrow-minded or inconsiderate of others who may think otherwise, just like believing the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 (and not 1775 or 1777) doesn't make you narrow-minded.

That's not any less true in other areas of knowledge, including religious knowledge. You might say it's harder to know or it's less obvious than 2 +2 = 4, and sure, I'd grant that. So, maybe this objection comes from the impression that we just can't know about these things, that religion is just beyond truth or reason, so to say there's a right one and that there are wrong ones just feels out of place. But hopefully by exploring this site you can see that at the very least Christianity doesn't avoid the evidence and debate, but engages in it and it is possible for someone through reason to have confidence to believe in it.