Who cares if religions teach different gods? If they are teaching the same morals, isn't that what's important?

The contention is that since religions teach similar morals, they are basically the same. So the differences in teachings about God - even if they are different, they are minor differences. Well, that seems to assume that at the core, religion is about morality, not about God. But such a reductionist view of religion is contrary to what most religious people themselves would believe about their own faith. Also, It seems to assume that religion is a human construct, a useful fiction to just teach morals.

But isn't that already assuming atheism? If atheism is true, then I can see why it doesn't matter if different religions teach different gods, since God does not actually exist... so religion [would be] just a fictitious tool for humans to teach morals. It's like one group believes in Batman and the other group believes in Superman - who cares? As long as both groups behave themselves - because Batman and Superman are not real! That seems to be the assumption here. Well, I would like for us to reconsider that assumption, because I'm not sure if we can dismiss the existence of God so easily. I think the jury might still be out on that, so I'd encourage you look into the evidence first before reducing all religions down to one thing.

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